St Albans Masters Swimming Club

St Albans Masters Swimming Club (STAM) was formed in 2006 bringing together Masters swimmers (18 and over) from two St Albans swimming clubs, City of St Albans ASC (CoStA) and Verulam ASC, to take part in swimming events as one club.

The masters sections in CoStA and Verulam provide adult swimmers with the opportunity to improve fitness, and train in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Each club has swimmers of varying levels of ability and commitment. We welcome swimmers who are used to swimming lengths – from those who just want to have a structure around their swimming to help improve their general fitness to those who also want to participate in competitive events. Our first competition under the new club’s banner in June 2006 saw us winning the team event at the Herts Masters. We have now won this trophy 10 times out of 11 competitions.

Our club has over 80 members and is registered with the Eastern Counties ASA, Hertfordshire ASA and the National ASA. We are not all about swimming, we like to enjoy ourselves too and organise social events a few times each year, so that members from the two clubs can get to know each other better.

Our CoStA sessions are:

Sundays 8pm – 9pm at Westminster Lodge.

Mondays 9pm – 10pm at Westminster Lodge.

Wednesdays 9pm – 10pm at St Albans School, Abbey Gateway.

Thursdays 8.30pm – 9.30pm at St Albans School Abbey Gateway.

More information here Club Times/Venues

You can swim with Verulam on Sundays 6pm – 7pm at Westminster Lodge but it is only one lane and there is no coaching. Swimmers tend to be parents of children swimming with Verulam club. Check out the Website here:  https://uk.teamunify.com/verulam