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        St Albans Masters Swimming Club


St Albans Masters Swimming Club (STAM) was formed in 2006 bringing together Masters swimmers (18 and over) from two St Albans swimming clubs, City of St Albans ASC (CoStA) and Verulam ASC, to take part in swimming events as one club.


The masters sections in CoStA and Verulam provide adult swimmers with the opportunity to improve fitness, and train in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  Each club has swimmers of varying levels of ability and commitment. We welcome swimmers who are used to swimming lengths - from those who just want to have a structure around their swimming to help improve their general fitness to those who also want to participate in competitive events. Our first competition under the new club’s banner in June 2006 saw us winning the team event at the Herts Masters. We retained this prestigious trophy for eight years.


Our club has over 80 members and is registered with the Eastern Counties ASA, Hertfordshire ASA and the National ASA.  We are not all about swimming, we like to enjoy ourselves too and organise social events a few times each year, so that members from the two clubs can get to know each other better. Click here for new members information.


Our CoStA sessions are:

Sundays 8pm - 9pm at Westminster Lodge.

Mondays 9pm - 10pm at Westminster Lodge.

Wednesdays 9pm - 10pm at St Albans School, Abbey Gateway.

Thursdays 8.30pm - 9.30pm at St Albans School Abbey Gateway.


More information here Club Times/Venues


You can swim with Verulam on Sundays 6pm - 7pm at Westminster Lodge but it is only one lane and there is no coaching. Swimmers tend to be parents of children swimming with Verulam club.


Any beginners looking for adult swimming lessons please go to our page on Strokes Ahead Sandringham for more details.

Some of STAM’s swimmers and officials at Bishop’s Stortford

29 Nov 2014

Forthcoming Events


Sat 17 September

Herts Masters

STAM Sprint to the Euros

A squad of 16 STAM swimmers - Janet Gardiner, Lisa Randall, Belinda McGinley, Sian Brice, Jenna Harrington, Sonia Wall, Susannah Davies, Sarah Jewkes, Neil Culley, Brian McShea, Duncan and Mark Beveridge, Steve Ong, Craig Kirkland, Luke Wattling and Ben Roberts competed at the LEN 2016 European Masters Championships which started Wednesday 25 May and finished on Sunday 29 May., following the Elite Championships.

A total of 10,000 competitors took part in this massive event - almost double the amount previously. Consequently time was tight and you had to be alert not to miss your event. Many events had over 100 heats so medals were hard to win but overall GB performed well bringing home Golds and breaking records in many events. STAM swimmers performed well winning places in the European top 10, and GB top 3.

Full results

May 2016

Left to right in the mixed 4x50 Free  Brian McShea, Sarah Jewkes, Susannah Davis, Craig Kirkland

Left to right in the 4x50 Medley  Susannah Davis, Belinda McGinley, Lisa Randall, Sonia Wall

End of the last day’s swimming,

CoStA Holiday

no training

Sat 6 Aug - Sat 20 Aug

Lisa and Luke - a marriage made in STAM

Congratulations to Lisa and Luke on their recent marriage in St Albans. We wish them all the happiness for the future and hope they stay swimming with us for a long time.

2 July 2016