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Thinking of joining?

We welcome swimmers who can swim lengths – please contact either Sarah or Neil (contact details below) and they will arrange an evening for you to come along to either Westminster Lodge or St Albans School. You can then get all the information you need and have a swim if you want to.

Our lanes are divided into ability and there will be one to suit you. Sessions, structure and coaching are provided by top class coach Josie Hoare.

We ask that you are comfortable swimming lengths, otherwise it is difficult to fit into lane swimming and you may benefit more from swimming lessons before joining us. STAM is a coaching and training club rather than a teaching club and we do look for a certain basic standard of swimming proficiency from potential new joiners. This can be discussed in more detail with either Sarah or Neil (details below) but ultimately it is the Coach’s decision whether you meet the required standard.

Have a look at the Club Times and Venues to see when and where the club swim. Please note that Verulam masters swimmers consist mainly of parents of children swimming with the Verulam club, and there is only one lane for masters which is un-coached. Go to Verulam ASC for more information

Most masters swimmers join the CoStA club where there is a much bigger choice of training sessions and lanes.

COSTA FEES and ASA Registration

Club Fees

£25 per mth – Swimming once a week
£34 per mth – Swimming more than once a week (maximum 4 times a week)
(All fees payable by monthly standing order)

ASA Registration (Choose from 2 categories)

£18.25 – Category 1
£37.35 – Category 2
(One off annual payment)

ASA Fees Category 1 – allows a swimmer to train with the club and enter small local events, such as club galas, Herts Masters and Herts Senior League
ASA Fees Category 2 – allows a swimmer to train and compete as in category 1 and in addition enter Open meets (where you enter as an individual) Regional and National Champs and Europeans

Please contact Sarah or Neil if you require further information on membership or fees and methods of payment.

Sarah Jewkes
Tel: 07858 029353

Neil Culley
Tel: 07866 740956